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What Is Responsive Mobile Design?

And why do I need it?

Is your website responsive? In other words, does it respond to the shape of the screen on which it is being displayed?

With the use of mobile devices – tablets and hand-held phones – for website viewing now exceeding the use of desktop computers, it is critical to consider how your website looks and functions on all platforms.

A couple of years ago, it was OK to just have a “mobile version” of your website to cover the iPhone and Android phones that would display full web pages. Now, practically all devices display websites, and display them accurately, and look at the number of screen sizes and shapes that are out there! Big tablets, small tablets, phones that look like you’re holding a TV up to your head….  It’s a daunting prospect for web developers to match our sites up to all of those options.

Enter the responsive design… and the best way to describe it is to show you.

My blog is a responsive site, and depending on where you’re reading it you’ll see a couple of hallmarks... (Click to read the rest of this article and see examples there)

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