CT Email Marketing

Extend your website into your customer’s inbox. Using email marketing responsibly and with high-quality content can further enhance your relationship with your clients. We can work with you to design email marketing tools that you can use with the ease of use of email. We can also develop an approach to email marketing that makes sense for your business and that follows best practices of responsible email marketing.

Industry-leading tools.

In consultation with you, we will recommend the best tools to use for your email marketing approach. We stay on top of the industry, so that we can recommend to you the current best in class tools for your needs.

Avoid the junk mail box.

Working with writers and content creators we can help make your email campaigns relevant and exciting for your customers. Meaningful content gives a positive impression to your readers and improves your connection with your clients.

Integrating with your website.

Pushing users to your website for more information is one goal of email marketing. Your email should reflect your overall online presence. Your website should drive users to sign up for your newsletters and send you their email address. We can fully integrate your email campaign with your existing website.