CT Website Cost

You’ve probably heard that you can have a new website from anywhere between free and $20,000. Guess what, that’s exactly true! In web design, the old adage “You get what you pay for” often rings true, as free websites often either don’t stay that way, or almost always get to a point where they won’t serve you well (and will never be good in the eyes of search engines).

North Forty Road’s websites are value-priced for what they are – high-quality, high-end websites that will perform for you for many years to come.  Here is a general idea of our costs:

Custom WordPress website, our best seller: $4000-$9000, depending on features. Each of these sites includes a full WordPress installation, and custom theme and homepage slide viewer that we create from scratch with your guidance and collaboration.

Template-based WordPress website: $2500-$6000, depending on features. For the budget minded, these WordPress sites include a pre-designed theme that we’ll help you select from the many options available.

You may also want to read about our WordPress Startup Special for $1200 – click here to learn more.

We quote based on your needs. Starting in our initial consultation, we’ll help you land the right set of features that are right for you and your business, and provide a detailed quote so that you’ll know exactly how you are investing your hard-earned marketing dollars.

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