CT Mobile-Ready Responsive Web Design

Increasingly, people are using mobile devices – smart phones, tablets, netbooks – to access the internet. The smaller screens of these devices mean that many websites designed primarily to be viewed on a desktop, don’t render well on the go. Sites designed for mobile devices are helpful, but often cumbersome to maintain or dependent on software that doesn’t maintain the look and feel of your primary site.

CT Mobile Responsive DesignResponsive Design is a new buzzword for a website that is designed from the get-go to adapt to a user’s screen. Taking advantage of new advances in internet standards, the site itself “responds” to the screen size and makes changes to the presentation of the site so that the site remains easy to use and visually appealing. To create a responsive site, a bit more work is needed both in design and implementation. But the payoff is that your site is ready to adapt to the screens of emerging mobile devices, without the need to maintain a separate mobile site or sacrifice the presentation of your business.

Already, mobile users make up a significant portion of internet traffic. But within a year or two, mobile devices will generate the majority of internet traffic. In other words, most people will be accessing your site from a mobile device of one kind or another. A responsive web site is a great strategy for making sure your site looks great no matter how it is viewed.

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