CT Web Marketing

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Having a high-quality website is a critical component for your business’ success. But it means nothing if people can’t find you online or don’t connect with your business in a meaningful way. Having a comprehensive strategy for marketing your online presence is essential for success. We can help you develop a solid strategy with all the necessary elements.

Create Your Brand

Our ability to hear your vision, learn about your business, and create a full graphic brand for you is our greatest strength. You will come along for every step of that journey, learn more about your business in the process, and in the end have a logo that you love and will make your business instantly recognizable. Then, your website, business cards, sell sheets, letterhead, and other printed materials will together bring your message to the public.

Market Your Business

Then, let’s get the word out! North Forty has partnerships with effective online marketers that will take your business to the next level, through online marketing, social media, and many other methods.


CT SEOSearch Engine Optimization takes advantage of the leading online search technologies to get your business listed is search results that relate to your products and services. Having an optimized site makes it easier for search tools like Google and Yahoo to catalog your content and make it accessible to people looking for you.

Content Writing ensures that your website is current, readable and informative. Keeping content fresh on your site provides your guests with a rewarding experience. Having well-written material ensures that visitors stay on your site longer and get more out of each visit.

Email is the best way to reach your customers with updates, news, new products, sale items and general information about your company. But you don’t want to end up in their spam folders! Create dynamic, interesting email newsletters with impact that your clients want to read.

Social Media means “word of mouth” on the web. Create a presence on leading social sites like Facebook and Linked In that put you in front of your customers – and their friends! Nothing is more powerful than referrals and recommendations from satisfied customers. Social media takes “word of mouth marketing” into the digital age.

Video Marketing is utilizing YouTube to gain traction online. Create your own unique video, and your site visitors will stay longer, and be introduced to you personally!