CT Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization refers to a number of strategies to improve your sites ranking in major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. These strategies do not guarantee that your site will be the first-listed site on every search related to your business. But these approaches do help search engines understand your site better and improve the likelihood that you will be ranked near the top.

Organic Search Strategies

Organic search refers to the un-paid listings you get when you search for something on a search engine. These are searches that “naturally” relate to the search terms your provided.

Site design and meta information: Built into your site are key features that improve SEO performance. We design your site to place your critical content near the top of the page, ensuring that search engines will search what matters about your site, and not a bunch of meaningless code.

Links: Identifying websites that might link to you (such as trade associations, chambers of commerce, etc.) helps improve your ranking. We will work with you to reach out to potential websites that might connect back to you.

Fresh content: Regular updates to your website with fresh and relevant content not only improves your visitor’s experience, it improves your search rankings. Strategic use of keywords, relevant to each page of your site’s content, also improves search performance.

We do not employ tricks or hacks that violate the terms of the search engine companies. Such tricks might improve your rankings for a while, but they also might get your banned permanently from the search engines. We play hard and aggressive for your business, but we always play fair. Click here for more details about our SEO process.

Google Ad Words and Paid Search

In addition to “organic search” you may opt to pay for advertising on the internet. We can help you navigate the many options available to your business and find the best fit for your needs. These strategies can be part of ongoing marketing efforts, a short-term campaign, or a kick-start for your new site. We work both in-house and with experts who focus exclusively on strategies for effective paid internet marketing campaigns.

With our team, you can have a comprehensive approach to SEO that will guide current and potential customers to your site. Contact us today for your free consultation.